Does Halloween “scare” your pocket? Here are some money-saving tips for this year

Two young girls laughing and having fun wearing a witch hat and facepaint for Halloween

The season has changed. Stores seem possessed by the Halloween spirit, with aisles full of decorations, costumes, and special candies conspiring to get you to spend money! Resist the temptation. Here are some terrific ideas that won’t “terrify” your pocket! Continue Reading

Budget apps for budget lovers!

A phone is automatically syncing to someone's bank account to make budget tracking so much easier on their mobile budget app

Recently, we wrote about apps to keep track of your finances, their advantages, and the basics about how to get them. Here, we will answer the last question: Which one is the best? And the answer? It depends.

We will help you figure out which… Continue Reading

The best budget apps for beginners

Close up image of a person tracking their grocery expense after they check out at the grocery store in their budgeting app

Thinking about using a budgeting app for the first time? We recently wrote about the pros of using mobile apps to keep track of your finances. Here are four recommendations for free options that are awesome for beginners. They are easy to set up and easy to use, and none sync to a bank account. Continue Reading

Tips before buying a used car

A young man sitting inside of used car and holding car keys smiling happily because he just bought a great used car

In most parts of the US, having a car is a must. For most families, it is also one of their biggest expenses, along with housing and health insurance. That’s why it is important to invest time in researching all of your options, both online and in your general area, to find the best deal,… Continue Reading

3 Questions to ask yourself before applying for a loan

Woman's feet with 3 question marks in front of her legs painted on the grey sidewalk

Life is full of surprises, and some of them require extra cash. You may have the opportunity to move into a bigger and better rental apartment, but need cash for the security deposit. Or your car might break down and need repairs. Or perhaps you need money to help a loved one with a health… Continue Reading

Tips to save money in your back-to-school budget

A studios piggy bank wearing glasses and stack of books, to inspire people to consider the best ways to save money when their kids go back to school.

We hope you enjoyed at least a few days of relaxation this summer! But now…let’s get back to reality and schedules. We know it can be tough, but it does not have to be tough on your pocket with this back-to-school budget plan. Planning, planning, planning Notebook and pen (or a cool budgeting app on… Continue Reading