Improving your credit score: Amounts owed

The amount owed is the second most important factor in your FICO credit score at 30%.

Around 30% of your FICO® credit score is calculated based on the total amounts you owe. For revolving credit lines, like a credit card, FICO® may compare how much you owe to your credit limit. A high debt-to-eligible credit ratio could  indicate higher risk. If you owe $100 on your credit card and your credit card limit is $500… Continue Reading

Improving your credit score: Payment history

Payment history makes up the largest portion of your FICO credit score

Your past payment history is the biggest factor affecting your FICO® credit scores, according to Fair Issac Corporate, which generates FICO® scores. Making full payments on time, every time, is one way to improve your FICO® credit score. When you miss a payment, you may see a drop in your score and it can take time to restore. Continue Reading

New Jersey residents can now apply for affordable Oportun loans!

Hello New Jersey! Hello Elizabeth! We’re Oportun and we’ve just opened our very first location in New Jersey (and 300th nationwide) – right on Elmora and New Jersey Avenue in Elizabeth.  During our 12 years as a personal lending company, we have provided affordable loans to more than a million customers… Continue Reading

Does Halloween “scare” your pocket? Here are some money-saving tips for this year

The season has changed. Stores seem possessed by the Halloween spirit, with aisles full of decorations, costumes, and special candies conspiring to get you to spend money! Resist the temptation. Here are some terrific ideas that won’t “terrify” your pocket! Continue Reading

Budget apps for budget lovers!

Recently, we wrote about apps to keep track of your finances, their advantages, and the basics about how to get them. Here, we will answer the last question: Which one is the best? And the answer? It depends.

We will help you figure out which… Continue Reading

The best budget apps for beginners

Thinking about using a budgeting app for the first time? We recently wrote about the pros of using mobile apps to keep track of your finances. Here are four recommendations for free options that are awesome for beginners. They are easy to set up and easy to use, and none sync to a bank account. Continue Reading